Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun with the Stability Ball (see below for link to video demonstration)

Whether you call them a stability ball, Swiss ball, or exercise ball, there are several key benefits to exercising with a ball while at home or at the gym.

Stability Ball Benefits

The ball works core muscles in almost every exercise when it is used. It challenges your balance by working groups of muscles at one time and forces your body to balance itself. This is the key to functional training. By forcing your body to balance itself, your core will be prepared to support your body in whatever activity you do.

Several benefits of the ball include the following:

1. The ball can taken away on a trip, used at home, or at your gym.
2. Stability ball training is appropriate and fun for all ages and fitness levels.
3. An exercise ball is inexpensive and requires little if any maintenance.
4. The ball is has many therapeutic benefits key to preventing injuries.

Stability Ball Exercise Video & Considerations

You can view several exercises on in this video of several exercises including wall ball squats, wall ball push ups, and bridging on the ball. As always, consult your physician before starting or modifying an exercise program. For more information on stability exercises contact our office at (518) 690-4406.

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