Thursday, October 1, 2009

National Physical Therapy Month!

Empire Health and Wellness Center is excited to say that October is National PT Month!

The human body is a complex network of muscles, joints, nerves, tissue and bones. When you or someone you love suffers an injury or is recovering from surgery, consider physical therapy as a road to recovery. Physical therapy can reduce your pain, increase your range of motion and flexibility often without the use of medication.

Empire HWC would like to thank all of our friends, patients and members for their support throughout the years. Your well being is our success. If you have a positive story of recovery that you would like to share with Empire HWC, please let us know! We are looking for patient and member testimonials and would appreciate your help.

For more information about how physical therapy can help you, give Empire Health and Wellness Center a call at (518) 690-4406.

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