Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Easy Diet Tips

Many different diets are emerging from many different sources. All of this information may be confusing and sometimes contradictory. Here are a few tips to help to not just diet, but to make that step into a lifestyle change.

1. Drink water or low calorie drinks
a. By drinking water instead of soft drinks or high calorie drinks you are able to quench your thirst without the added calorie and sugar intake.
2. Be careful of late night snacking
a. As we discussed earlier in this blog; new studies are showing that there may be an optimal time during the day to utilize food intake. Eating late at night may also distract you from your diet goals and add unnecessary calories to your day.
3. Enjoy food
a. It is possible to diet without cutting out all foods that you enjoy. Practice portion control and find healthy alternatives to your favorite foods that may be unhealthy.
4. Incorporate healthy proteins into your meals
a. Protein generally will help you to feel satisfied for longer than carbs or fats.
5. Make realistic goals
a. Creating short term and long term attainable goals. Reaching your short term goals will ultimately provide the motivation to reach long term goals.

William Milhizer PT, DPT

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