Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As St. Patrick’s Day thoughts arise of corned beef, cabbage, beer, and pub food. It is; however, able to enjoy this holiday without adding unnecessary inches to your waistline. First let’s discuss drinks. Alcohol is toxic to the liver and your body will naturally attempt to remove it and burn the calories from alcohol first. It also has been shown to stimulate your appetite which tends to be in the form of chips or foods that are high in fat. Some healthy alternatives are:

• If you choose to consume alcoholic beverages do so in moderation
• Add activity into your St. Patrick’s day i.e. taking a walk
• Drink water to quench your thirst to slow your consumption of higher calorie beverages
• Vegetables, pretzels, pita bread are great substitutes for unhealthy snacks

Below are links to that has provided multiple healthy recipes to make your St. Patrick’s Day healthy and more enjoyable.

William Milhizer PT, DPT

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