Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Health Misinformation 102

We are here once again here to help sort through all of the fitness misinformation in week 2 of misinformation 102.

• If you feel “ok” when you are working out you are probably not overdoing it.
o Normally as we are beginning an exercise program we do feel good; however, the majority of exercise injuries are from overdoing it the first day back. Instead one should not attempt to replicate a workout that has not been done in a long time.

• Machines are safer than free weights since you are performing the right motion every time.
o Although movement is restricted with machines and they can be “easier” than free weights or exercise bands; however, Machines must be set correctly to insure that the strain on your muscles correlates with the design of the machine. Also many machines, I.E crunches and back extension, may be great at strengthening the muscle but add little protection to the spine during the exercise.

• No pain, No gain
o This should be restated as no discomfort no gain, working through pain is seldom recommended and normally will set you up for injury, although it is common to have discomfort during exercise. IF there is any question during your exercise program talk to a therapist or trainer in order to insure that you are not doing any harm through exercise.

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William Milhizer, PT, DPT

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