Monday, August 9, 2010

P90X System: Does it Work?

There are a lot of choices in exercise and diet routines and all of them are not right for everyone. The latest in the exercise craze is the P90X system. You may have seen the commercials on TV with boasting amazing results within 90 days of beginning the program.

The P90X system works with the idea of using different routines to provide a sort of “muscle confusion”, using mostly circuit routines that are geared toward strength training and cardio.

The P90X system consists of easy to follow instructional videos with planed out exercise routines to prevent boredom. If you are already in good shape you may benefit from this program and will see results based on the amount of work you put in, and as always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program.

This all sounds great for people who are already in good physical condition. For all other people who many have complicating conditions or decreased physical conditioning an organized program consisting of light weights or resistance bands would be more effective and less expensive at the cost of $120 for the P90X system. These individuals should not perform this program until they have increased their strength and conditioning and contact a physical therapist or personal trainer to get started.

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William Milhizer, PT, DPT

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