Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Fit Christmas

With the holidays quickly approaching it is important to remember the importance of activity and exercise. Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and avoid gaining those extra holiday pounds this winter. Some benefits of exercise are:

• Regular activity has been shown to strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, and with more efficient use of your heart. This reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure.
• Loosing weight and performing regular exercise can prevent or control type 2 diabetes. During this process insulin sensitivity can be increased which will improve your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
• Back and muscle pain are able to be prevented or controlled with regular exercise. If you already have back pain you may want to see a health care professional before you start an exercise program. Exercising to improve core strength and good posture is a great conservative way to improve back pain.
• Another great side effect of exercise is improved self esteem and stress reduction. During exercise your body releases endorphins and can improve mood and self perception.

There are many other benefits to regular exercise; however, it is important to remember that without a proper diet it is not possible to get all of the benefits to regular exercise.

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William Milhizer, DPT, PT

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