Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Drink Facts & Myths

There are many foods that contribute to an unnecessary increase in calorie intake during the day. Drinks; however, are easily overlooked during dieting. This week I would like to discuss the good and bad options for drinks and how they can influence your diet habits.

1. Soda
a. This seems like a “no brainer” high in both sugar and carbs. Some may find better results by switching to diet soda; but, recent studies have shown that diet sodas may also contribute to weight gain. Instead, try water or water with lemon if you need a little more flavor.
2. Fruit Juice
. There are many different juices on the market today. Some loaded with sugar and some not. Most can have the calories of soda but have greater nutritional value due to vitamins and antioxidants. Look for 100% juice when purchasing. If you are in a habit of drinking a lot of juice, cut it 50/50 with water.
3. Vegetable juice
. There are many benefits to vegetable juice over fruit juice. Vegetable juice contains far less calories and provides the same if not better value from vitamins and minerals.
4. Smoothies
. Smoothies have been a “health food” staple for years. This is true when making one at home with good ingredients. Be very careful ordering at a restaurant or vendor where they may add many other ingredients that boost that calorie count significantly.

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William Milhizer, DPT, PT

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