Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make Your New Year's Resolutions Early!

Making New Year's resolutions can be a daunting task. There is a ton of pressure to make a positive change in one's life as the new calendar year begins.

The top resolutions made by Americans include losing weight, getting into shape, quitting smoking or drinking and reducing stress. Sound familiar? We've all been guilty of making one or more of these resolutions and not keeping them. According to a recent resolution study, only 52% of the participants felt confident in their ability to stick to their goal, and only 12% actually succeeded.

But below, we're outlining some easy tips to help all of us set New Year's resolutions and reach them successfully.

1. Don't overdo it! Setting too many goals at once, or setting a goal that's too lofty (ex: I'm going to run a marathon in 4 weeks) may actually hurt your chances of success. You should challenge yourself, just not sabotage yourself.
2. Be kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up for getting off track a little, or eating that one brownie. Persistence is key, not negativity. Also, try rewarding yourself for reaching small victories.
3. Set your own time table. Try making your resolutions early, like around Thanksgiving. Making your own schedule will help you feel more in control of your resolutions.
4. Tell everyone about your goals. Letting your friends and family know about your resolutions will give you a large support system. They can keep you accountable, so accpet their help.

Use these helpful tips and setting your "Any Time of Year" resolutions can lead to a successful lifestyle change. If you have any question about living a healthy lifestyle, feel free to contact Empire Health and Wellness Center at 518-690-4406 or visit our website at

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