Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Resuming outdoor activities

Thank you for all your great responses and questions in the last 2 weeks. As spring is approaching and the weather is getting nicer, many of us are shedding our winter coats and heading outdoors. It is important to realize that if you may be more sedentary over the winter months not to jump into full sports or recreational activity right away. Whatever your outdoor activities may be whether gardening or running; here are a few tips to allow you to start injury free.

• Set realistic goals.
o i.e. Do not try to run 5 miles on day one if you have not done so over the winter.
• Train for your activity
o During the colder months allow time to practice the tasks that you will need to perform
• Take breaks.
o If you feel yourself getting tired. Take a break and then continue. When your body is fatigued it becomes more prone to injury.
• Keep hydrated
o Since your body made up of water it is important to re-hydrate in the hot weather to prevent dehydration and fatigue.
• Talk to a physical therapist or trained health professional
o A health professional can add insight into reinitiating outdoor activity and proper goal setting.

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William R. Milhizer PT, DPT

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