Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Thrifty Shoppers Guide to Organic Fruit

Eating organic foods may be expensive but don’t fret. We are here to help you with the top foods that are worth buying organic. Use this guide in order to help your shopping and save money.

1. Peaches
a. Peaches are known to have the highest amount of pesticide residues among fruit.
2. Apples
a. The peel of apples contains beneficial chemicals that aid in reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease; however, many pesticides can reside in an apples peel.
3. Bell peppers and celery
a. These like peaches have one of the higher amounts of avg. pesticide ratios.
4. Strawberries and Cherries
a. These are a great source of vitamin C. As you read earlier in our blog cherries can also have many other health benefits. With these fruits you may think about buying local for a fresher product.
5. Pears and nectarines
a. These also provide a great source of vitamin C and a low calorie snack. Based on the USDA pesticide data program found over 30 pesticide residues on these fruits.
6. Grapes
a. Grapes are a good source of vitamin C and K. Although Grapes are on the list of food to think about while buying organic, if you are looking to save money don’t eliminate grapes from your diet. If you need to not buy organic just be sure to wash them before you eat.

These are the first 6 foods of the USDA’s “dirty dozen” Please use these guidelines in buying organic, but if you are unable to buy organic make sure you clean your food thoroughly before consuming.

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William Milhizer, DPT, PT

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