Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More 'Good Buy' Organic Foods

After a good response to last week's blog here are several more organic foods that are worth buying. Here we list 6 more foods that may be worth buying organic that can save you money.

1. Spinach and Lettuce
a. Spinach is a great source of vitamins and minerals; however, just many foods on this list the USDA has found high levels of pesticides on this low calorie food. An alternative is buying organic or growing your own. Greens can do very well on a patio garden.
2. Carrots and Potatoes
a. These can be a healthy snack for children that are also high in vitamin c, b6, potassium, and fiber. Without fixings these are also a low calorie alternative to other foods.
3. Milk
a. Cows that are given recombinant growth hormone (rBGH) may increase the amount of milk that is produced. Scientists do not think that this poses a health risk to humans; however, if you have a developing child who likes to drink milk, this may be best to buy organic or local.
4. Beef
a. Hormones given to cows will show up in supermarket beef although the risk to humans is unclear. This is another food that may be more expensive to purchase. When buying beef you can look into where it has come from, or buy from a local butcher.
5. Peanut butter
a. Another great snack for children that contains a lot of added chemicals and preservatives. Organic peanut butter is only made with peanuts and salt. This makes it healthier than conventional peanut butter which has many hydrogenated oils and sugar.
6. Baby food
a. For a developing child it may just give you peace of mind that your child’s food is coming from a pesticide free source.

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William Milhizer, DPT, PT

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