Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Resistance Training for Flexibility?

A stretching routine has been said to be the best way to improve flexibility. This idea has been challenged in recent years. A new study compared 25 college age individuals split up into two groups, stretching and resistance training. The idea being that as you perform resistance exercises through a full range of motion you also actively stretch your muscles at the same time. At the end of this preliminary study, resistance and stretching showed similar effects on flexibility.

What does this mean to the average person? There are many health benefits when you add a resistance program into your exercise routine. Although this area needs more research to add validity, resistance training will help you to keep your strength and range of motion as you age. Before starting any exercise program talk to a medical professional. After you are cleared to begin there are many resources out there to guide you in the right direction to a healthy exercise program.

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William Milhizer, DPT, PT

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